Coronavirus In Care Homes

care homes

The coronavirus situation in care homes is much worse that anywhere else in the country.

Official statistics have shown that the death rate in care homes made up 40.0% of the overall coronavirus fatalities across England and Wales.

The media has discovered that that several local councils in the UK have threatened to withhold funding for care homes if they refuse to take in patients with the illness.

It is a problem that is being exasperated by the fact that care homes are generally private institutions, and councils are run by the state, the existing agreements are not serving anyone.

Critics are saying that it would seem logical to keep people that could have the virus away rom people that are vulnerable, like the elderly.

But we have learned that many people are being put into care homes without being tested first, so could potentially be bringing coronavirus into a place where people are at risk of dying from it.

Providers have spoken out, saying that they were almost compelled to take people into care homes because they already had a contract to do so.

These contracts however say nothing about circumstances such as a global pandemic outbreak, so people are saying that they should not be honoured.

There is a serious underlying problem with care workers as well.

The average home visiting care worker can see over 10 patients a day, as well as going into are homes them selves.

This puts them on the front line for contracting the virus, as well as making them ideally placed to spread the virus amongst vulnerable people in the care homes.

Some of the care homes have also spoken out, saying that they do not have the proper PPE to take care of these COVID-19 patients properly.