Ivy Care Homes is a group of institutions that cater to the needs (and particularly regarding education) of adults with mental disabilities. The institutions’ core value is to impart knowledge and social skills to adults with mental disabilities without placing unnecessary expectations on them. Currently, Ivy Care Homes has locations in South and West Yorkshire. With the current number of patients at 53, Ivy Care Homes continue to be a place of solace for the aged who need special care.

Contacting Us

  • Mobile: 07717 571 202
  • Telephone: 01226 288 277
  • Mail:
  • Fax: 01226 321 658

Ivy Care Homes has been a successful venture thus far owing to capable management and a highly competent team. For easier running and coordination, all the four homes are managed by a General Manager who is extensively informed in the field of learning disabilities and running of care homes. Each home is managed by a Service Manager who is assisted by the Deputy Manager. Their primary role is to ensure that everything is done according to the provisions of the care home, in addition to ensuring that there is consistency with the requirements of the institution. Also, each home has a support team that works in tandem with the management to promote the needs of the patients. The Care Quality Commission inspects the homes occasionally to make sure that quality care is met.

In pursuit of quality and personalized care, Ivy Care Homes ensure that the staff is sufficient to take care of the needs of the patients. In this regard, the total number of employees stands at 180 nurses who are fully trained and confirmed. Personalized care is achieved by maintaining a ratio of one nurse to one patient which means that at every one time the patient does not lack attention and supervision. For the sake of health, the facilities employ doctors who occasionally visit to assess the health of the patients. This helps in keeping the patients healthy always.

The specialist care categories that Ivy Care Homes specializes in include; autism, hearing impairment and deafness, speech impairment, epilepsy, schizophrenia, and head injury. Moreover, it also provides quality facilities for the comfort of the patients; it has respite care, residents kitchenette, television in own rooms, garden for residents, to mention but four. The patients are also allowed to bring personal items including pets and furniture. For the patients who would prefer some privacy, the facilities have single rooms and rooms with ensuite WC. Further, the homes are close to local shops and public transport for the convenience of the patients. These among other services make Ivy Care Homes the ideal place for all the adults who require personalized care in dealing with any health issues mentioned above.

Referrals at Ivy Care Homes can be made through the following methods: one can complete an online form, telephoning the referral team, and contacting one of the provided services. The referral team is available from Monday to Friday between 9 am and 5 pm. However, for emergency cases, the services are available throughout the week, 24 hours a day and bookings can be made by contacting the Service Manager on duty.