Our Ivy Care Homes

For the past few years, Ivy Care has been so effective in providing essential specialized services in different areas to individuals in need of these special needs. We have been providing outstanding and unique services to the needy thus putting smile on their faces which is our goal. For the past 9 years, we have been building a term where people with the various learning disabilities can easily learn without going through any stress.

We have qualified workers that have been impacting and helping this set of people in achieving their dreams by giving special training where they are lacking. Some of the common defects that we always organize special training for include;

Autistic spectrum disorder: This is a type of defect that affects the behaviour and communication of affected individuals. It is a developmental disorder where affected individuals show;

  • The difficulty with interaction and communication with others: this is what known as an Autistic spectrum disorder because there will be difficulty in reacting with the environment and other individuals.
  • This may also affect children in the way they perform in school and another area of life. At IVY we help individuals with this type of disorder and try to enhance the way they react to their environment and people..

Asperser’s syndrome: We also provide training to help people that are suffering from this defect because it is a type of developmental disorder at affects the ability of affected individuals to effectively communicate and socialize, a condition known as the autism spectrum. At IVY, we do organize behavioural therapy and communication training to help individuals suffering from this syndrome for them to learn how to socialize. Furthermore, based on research, the defect is more rampant in male children compare to the female children.

Prader-Willi syndrome: This is another defect that we have been so helpful with by conducting various tests and training on the syndrome with the main aim of helping the people in this category. Prader-Willi is a genetic disorder that may lead to shortness, intellectual disability, and obesity. Basically, this defect cannot be cured but the right treatments can be administered just to help. The disorder is always a result of disappearance or deletion of a particular part of the chromosome.

Visual communication: This is one of the services we render at IVY. we provide our team with the best visual communication training that involves the transmission of ideas and information using imagery and symbols which has been so effective in helping individuals suffering from defects related to the visual communication.

Furthermore, we have organizers that provide us with professional trainers that care for our term by making them partake in the Nonviolent Crisis Intervention Training (N.C.I.T) a training that equips our term in finding solutions to violent behaviour, anxious and hostile without any problem. In addition, the training is authentic because it is an accredited program by the British Institute for Learning Disabilities. We are one of the best companies in the sector that provides adequate and satisfactory services.