Our Services

At Ivy Care Homes, we are offering services to people living with learning disabilities in Yorkshire. Our specialists provide services to mental health, autism, epilepsy, physical disabilities, and communication impairments conditions in Yorkshire.

Our main objective is to give support to people with disabilities as they achieve their goals. We have a passionate belief regardless of the challenges they pass through as anyone has abilities to accomplish great achievements when given a better environment and care.

We have support programs that aim to specific needs of an individual and help them in life skills, social life, develop vocation and education as they progress independently for a better future. Through our programs, we deliver positive results to people with disabilities.

Our Special Services

We offer support programs that help to nurture or environments for learning to disabled people. Here are the services:


Autism support

It is our understanding that when living with an autistic spectrum disorder is difficult and challenging in an individuals life. This has made our organisation develop innovative services that will provide a better and quality life for the people with disability.

At Ivy Care Homes, we are aiming to offer skills to autistic support as they provide services. We ensure people with autistic disabilities have achieved their dreams through our care plans.

To understand our people’s interests, gifts, and strengths, we complete their initial autism profile. This will enable our staff to understand better of their nuisance in each person’s specific condition and identify the cognitive ability that they can focus.

Mental Health Care

We provide for mental health issues individuals in therapeutic, safe and conducive environments. Ivy Care Home aims at empowering mental health individuals by offering better care pathways. We ensure they gain control of their lives, recover, enjoy independence and utilise their potential.

At Ivy Home, we ensure each mental health condition receives the correct support as we aid to help them improve and recover. Through our support, care, and access to the therapy session, we help people suffering from this condition.

Learning challenges

It is our understanding that when individuals have learning disabilities, it becomes challenging to them in their daily tasks and family members. In our homes, we help by offering the support they need for their present and future. It is our belief that everyone deserves a good life full of positive outcomes regardless of their ability.

Ivy Homes has unique person-centred plans as we try to promote life skills. We aim at ensuring that everyone fulfils his or her ambitions. The specialists are trained and experienced in providing care for learning disabilities. We offer a holistic approach to support services as we ensure everyone receives the required support.

Innovative And Inspiring Homes

From the way we recruit our staff and home furnishes, the people in need of our support are the first priority. We care and support them through colour schemes, better designs and decision making.