Skills You Need To Work In Childcare Glasgow

If you are interested in working as a childcare worker, there are several skills you need to possess. These include communication, creativity, patience and organisation.

You are also required to have a strong knowledge of child development and health and safety. This is important for ensuring that you can interact with children in an appropriate manner and communicate their needs to parents effectively.


Communication skills allow you to share information and ideas with others in a way that is effective and appropriate. This includes verbal, written and non-verbal communication.

To work effectively in the sector of childcare in Glasgow, you need strong communication skills with children, parents and carers as well as other professionals. By listening carefully and responding to their messages, you can help them feel more comfortable and confident.


Creativity is the ability to think and create in new ways. It can be a natural talent or something you can learn and develop.

It is important to encourage creativity in children as it helps them build emotional skills, critical thinking and boosts their self-esteem. This can also help them make the most of their learning opportunities and experiences.

Creativity is a skill that helps children learn how to problem solve, adapt and overcome challenges. It is also a way of developing empathy and understanding for others.


Patience is the ability to remain calm and in control, regardless of the situation. This skill is essential for childcare workers as it helps them maintain control over the children in their care and avoid letting the kids’ behaviour escalate.

Patience is a key skill for anyone, and it can bring many benefits in the long run. It can improve relationships, increase your capacity for success, and make you healthier overall.


Organisation skills are a critical element to being an effective childcare professional. This is especially important in environments where you may be the sole caretaker or educator.

For example, a child care worker at a preschool is often responsible for recording and maintaining student accounts, supply inventories, and other documents in the classroom.

Being organised allows you to plan and implement a program that meets the needs of your students. This helps you maintain a high level of quality in your work and ensures that parents have a positive experience.


Teamwork in childcare is a skill that requires patience and open communication. These skills are key to building relationships with colleagues and families, completing tasks and resolving conflicts.

Working in a team can improve your productivity, help you solve problems and increase motivation. It also gives you accountability to perform at your best.