List of Some Services and Information Available at Care Homes

care homes corridor with wheelchair and rooms

Care homes offer many services for a variety of people from children to elderly and people with disabilities. At Ivy Care Homes we offer support to help people with learning disabilities and other disabilities that some care providers can’t. Our services ensure that we can care for many people and focus on each individual person and their needs. In our care homes, we support adults with disabilities which include:

  • Autism
  • Epilepsy
  • Diabetes
  • Communication difficulties
  • Mental health

care homes for people with disabilities

Ivy Care Homes Locations


At Ivy Care Homes we can offer you peace of mind when family members who have disabilities use our services. This is because we can guarantee that family members will receive the help that they need. We are an organisation based in both South and West Yorkshire. Our first service, Ivy cottage was built in 2000 and offers accommodation to 10 adults with challenging behaviours and disabilities. In 2001 our second service, Ivy Dene was established. Both services from the Ivy Cottage and the Ivy Dene are located in West Yorkshire. Our third service, Ivy Mead was built in 2003 and became home to 19 people between the 2 homes. Home 1 is for mixed gender residents and home 2 is for female residents only. Our latest service, Ivy Lodge opened in 2008 and is home to 10 people with learning disabilities. Ivy Mead and Ivy Lodge are both based in South Yorkshire.


Our Services


For almost 18 years we have been providing individuals at the homes with support for their disabilities. At each of our care homes, we ensure that your family members are getting the right help they need in order to deal with their disability. We provide accommodation and activities for those who use our services.


Our Team


We have over 180 members of staff and each of our care homes. Friendly and helpful care workers who are highly skilled and are completely dedicated to their job are available 24 hours a day at these homes. Our staff are trained to ensure that individuals can get the necessary support for their disability. Specialised training is given to workers at Ivy Care Homes, they also undergo regular checks and training to ensure they are able to help individuals at the homes.

awards for care homes

Goals and Awards


At Ivy Care Homes, we are aiming to get a better understanding of all types of disabilities and how each of our residents can be helped in ways that works best for them. We have been recommended for the Champion’s Award and hope to achieve this trophy in the next few years.