How Tarmac Scotland Can Reduce the Danger of Potholes for People with Mobility Issues

It’s not uncommon for people to not consider certain aspects of life, maybe certain things wouldn’t affect you in the same way as others and that’s okay. But every now and then, it’s important to consider aspects of life that might not affect you personally, but may make someone else’s life safer or easier. This article will focus on how tarmac Scotland can help reduce the danger of potholes for people with mobility issues.


You probably know what it’s like going over a pothole in a vehicle but imagine going over a pothole in a wheelchair. It can be extremely uncomfortable, especially for people who may have issues with pain already.

Difficult to Manoeuvre

It can be extremely difficult to try and manoeuvre a wheelchair over numerous potholes, especially if they are large. This can be stressful and sometimes near impossible to do.

Can Damage Mobility Aids

Mobility aids aren’t cheap and even though many people who use them will get discounts, such as no VAT tax charged, this still doesn’t take away from the fact that there will likely be some cost associated with the repair or replacement of these aids due to poor tarmac in Scotland.

Can Cause Accident and Injury

There are a few ways that potholed tarmac in Scotland can cause accident or injury to someone who may use a mobility aid, these include but are not limited to;

Potholes in Pavement Tarmac in Scotland Increases the Risk of Falls

Potholes in the pavement can increase the risk of anyone falling and getting injured but especially those who use mobility aids. Wheelchairs can tip over, people with walking sticks and Zimmer frames can become unbalanced and fall. This drastically increases the risk of injury.

Forcing People onto the Roads

When potholes are really bad, it may force people with mobility issues to go onto the road to try and avoid them. This may seem like a good idea and can be to stop mobility aids from getting damaged or the rider to come tumbling off. However, there may not be a way to get back on the pavement which could cause them to need to stay on the road for longer, increasing the risk of accident and injury.

BXT089 Pot holes in the roads as snow and ice damage the road surface

The Solution: Fixing Issues with Tarmac in Scotland

You may not think that this is a huge issue but that’s possibly because it doesn’t affect you in the same way. But this is a huge issue for many, with 33% of elderly people avoiding going out due to potholes.

The best solution is to fix the problem by either filling in the potholes or clearing out and redoing the tarmac completely. There are positives to both as well as drawbacks;

Filling in Potholes

The advantages of filling in potholes is that it is quicker and less costly than re-doing the surface completely. The drawbacks are that this solution won’t last as long and won’t look as good.

Redoing the Surface Completely

Redoing the surface completely will look more put together and will last for longer than just filling in potholes. However, it will take a longer period of time to carry out and will likely be more expensive.