A Closer Look at Some of the Options for Care in Your Own Home

Growing older is a part of life and although we tend to consider ourselves lucky to last to a ripe old age, there are some downsides to living long. One of the major issues experienced by the elderly is not being able to care for yourself properly as you once did. This can be a worry for the elderly person, but also for the person’s relatives. For those who are still working full time and perhaps have children of their own to care for, it can be extremely worrying and stressful to think that your mother or father isn’t coping on their own. This article will take a closer look at some of the options for care in your own home.

Why Choose Care at Home?

It is common for members of the elderly community to have adverse feelings towards moving into a care home. Your independence will be officially revoked, you have to live in close quarters with strangers and it will likely be the place that you live your last day. Overall it is a very grim outlook, especially for those who are still sound of mind. In addition, family members tend to dislike the idea of putting their older relative in a home as they feel guilty or worry about how they might adjust, and sometimes it is a financial worry. In general, this period in a person’s life is extremely distressing and requires as much support through the transition as possible. As a result, many people opt for home care instead of physically moving into a care facility.


Live-in Care at Your Own Home

Most people are unaware that you can opt to have 24/7 care from the comfort of your own home. There are many services throughout the UK which provide 24-hour care and support to domestic properties. Usually, this role will be split between two carers who will half the time between them. They will stay in the person’s home and fulfil all the care and nursing needs required. This is a very popular option amongst older couples who wish to continue living together but one of them requires intense care that the other cannot manage alone. This option is great for the whole family as it allows other members to focus on their relationships without the stress and strain of providing medical care. This is also a valuable option for those living in rural areas, where perhaps it is difficult to find carers willing to make the daily commute.


Alternative Care Packages

There are of course several circumstances where care homes aren’t really a viable option. If an elderly person is still capable of looking after themselves but their relatives are concerned about their social activity, then care packages can be provided to assist in this area. It is common for single older people to spend a lot of time alone, especially in the winter months where it is too cold for them to spend time outside. If they do not have children, or their children work full time it can be very worrying to think of them having no human contact for days on end. There are care packages available where a trained carer will come in to take the person shopping or to social clubs or even just to have a chat and a cup of tea.